The Lab Report 01 - Welcome

The Lab Report 01 - Welcome

To the first proper edition of this newsletter!

A few months back, I started sharing interesting links around music and web3 with my colleagues at Red Light Management. That's now expanded to include some good friends in music and new acquaintances in web3.

I also decided it would be good to share what I'm learning with more people, so I recently published my first piece on the music x web3 space.

In that article, I outline 14 different ways for musicians to get involved in web3. It's gotten some positive feedback so far. I'd love to hear your thoughts and happy to chat through ideas if you are thinking of launching something with one of your artists.

I'm also going to be sending out this newsletter on a regular bi-weekly basis moving forward, running it with my good friend and collaborator Francis.

Lastly - if you have any friends or co-workers who might find this useful, I'd be grateful if you shared it with them! They can sign up here.

Now onto the important stuff.

Artist/Platform News

Deeper Dives


This isn't really a metaverse newsletter, but a good portion of music x web3 action will eventually take place in metaverse spaces, so it's important to stay aware of where things are going.

Here are a couple of good in-depth reports from the last couple weeks. If you want to get up to speed, Matthew Ball is one of the leading thinkers in this space and definitely worth checking out. He has a new book out today.